Allama Farid Uddin Masuod


1158/2, Khilgaon, Chwodhurypara




His Eminency Grand Imam Farid Uddin Masuod was born in 1950 in the historical Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh. He is a scholar who grew up in a house known for its scholarship; his father was a renowned "Pandit" of Bengali literature and his forefather Shaykh Sadruddin, may God have mercy on him, was one of the region's eminent scholars and the honorable "Sadre Ala" of the famous court of Mughal Empire. He studied in the Islamic centers of learning known as Al-Madarisul Qawmiyyah especially the school of Shaykh Athar Ali(r) in which all the sacred sciences were taught including: jurisprudence, legal theory, syntax, language, rhetoric, Quranic exegesis and its auxiliary sciences, and the science of Prophetic tradition. He was able to progress rapidly in these sciences and stood first all through his academic career. His Alma mater was the Ummul Madaris Al Qawmiyyah( mother of all Qawmi Madrasa) Darul Uloom Dewband , India where he stood first with record CGP in his post graduate studies. He is also among the most famous pupils of great Islamic Sufi scholar Shykh Asa'ad Madani(r) Imam Farid participated in the liberation war of his beloved motherland and years later set an example by self retirement as the Director of Imam Training Academy from Islamic Foundation in protesting war criminals of 1971. He also served as Shykhul Hadees(Chair for department of the science of Prophetic tradition) in many Islamic universities including Jamia Baridhara, Jamia Souduribara, Jamia Madania and Jamia Iqra. During his golden career as one the most renowned Islamic academician, he taught more than hundreds of thousands Imams, pupils and students beautiful teachings of peace, love and compassion in Islam. He is the Professor Emeritus of Jamia Iqra Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is also a renowned social activist who established numerous schools, madrasas, masjids, maktabs, widow homes, shelters and orphanages and a passionate campaigner against dowry practices, the main cause domestic violence in Southeast Asia. Imam Farid is an internationally acclaimed author who has written more than a thousand Islamic books, research publications and scholarly articles. His notable works include Islam, Terrorism and Communalism (2007), Terrorism and Militancy in the eye of Islam(2017) Proper interpretation of misinterpreted Ayah of Quran(2017) Labor's Rights in the Eye of Islam(1969) Women Rights in Islam(2010). Imam Farid has been at the forefront of campaign against violent extremist ideology on behalf of Islamic scholars UN conference and the key person of historical Islamic proclamation' the Fatwa of Peace for Humanity endorsed by more than hundred thousand Islamic scholars, jurists and clerics, declaring militancy and terrorism completely illegal in the eye of Islam. He has been relentlessly working in the field of establishing world peace and, with the message of peace, travelled all corners of the world including USA, Russia, UAE, Japan and KSA.

Imam Farid participated in many different International conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops on education, research, counterterrorism, interfaith dialogs and many other various religions topics in different countries. Among others the most important are Zakat Management & Optimum use of Zakat organized by Islamic Development Bank held in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad- Pakistan, Optimum use of Qurbni Meats of Hajj jointly Organized by OIC & Govt. of KSA in Jeddah KSA wherein his proposal to distribute meats in poor Muslim coutries was well accepted, implemented and still feeding millions to share joy of Eid, 'Workshop on CT and CVE Efforts in Asia' organized by Govt. of Japan held in Tokyo, Japan, Conference on Faith and Cohession (to promote culture of pro-active engagement and dialogue between Muslim Communities and the whole society lead to potential harmonious and inclusive communities) organized by Association of Muslim Schools, United Kingdom held in Birmingham and'Converging Security Threats, How Can the UN Better Respond to Counter Terrorism and Violent Extremism' jointly hosted by Norway,Bangladesh and Jordan at the assembly of United Nation held in NY,US.

  • 10th Grand Imam of Sholakia Eidgah Moedan.
  • Chairman of Bangladesh Jamiyatul Ulama.
  • Founding Chairman of Iqra Bangladesh Education Society.
  • Vice Chairman of Zakat Board, Ministry of Religious Affairs Bangladesh Govt.
  • Chairman of Islahul Muslimeen Parishad Bangladesh(A charitable NGO).
  • Founding Chairman of Islamic Research Council of Bangladesh.
  • Editor in Chief of The Monthly Patheo (An Islamic journal).